Monday, 19 September 2011

Featured designer: BoxLiving

box living furniture boxliving design inspirationBoxLiving's furniture and designs just oozes with contemporary, classic and modern elegance that really defines a space. I got a great opportunity to ask them a couple of pertinent questions about thier products, their brand and the future of design in Cape Town...

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Design inspiration: Another stroll through Cape Town

Went for another stroll through Cape Town today. Stopped for breakfast at Jason's Bakery on Bree Street, check out his website here - I had an amazing cranberry Danish, check out the picture below that does it no justice, and one of the best cappuccinos this city has to offer. Next we went to trawl the innumerable bookstores of Long Street....this all begs the question, where your most inspiring place in Cape Town?

cape town inspiration design

Friday, 16 September 2011

Designer interview: Liam Mooney

liam mooney inspiration furniture designLiam Mooney is really synonymous with stunning handcrafted designs and chic interiors. I was browsing around the interwebz and found a showcase of his work, and thought that it would be great idea to get into contact with  him. Here is a little bit more about him and his designs

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Foodie inspiration: Winter warmers from Maranda Engelbrecht

Nothing warms the soul and kindles the creativity like good food and good wine during those long wintery months. Seeing that winter is far from over I have decided to share two recipes by Maranda Engelbrecht from THE ROOM that will help you defrost you and inspire you to design some great things, beside that crackling fire.

Plascon color forecast 2012: Expression

expression plascon design inspirationThis final palette is from Plascon color forecast and predictions for 2012. Listen closely to this forecast becasuse Plascon is at the forefont of color and color related inspiration. These colors may, in this context, appeal to the interior design faculty, but in reality it applies to every and all design fields.

Plascon color forecast 2012: Mystery

This is the third palette is a collection that Plascon has complied as part of their color forecast and for 2012. Bookmark these posts because they could very well be the picture of tomorrow. These shades may appear to be geared more towards interior design, but they are versatile - they can be adapted to fit in with any of the design fields that you can think of.

Plascon color forecast 2012: Origins

plascon origins color inspiration design
This is the second palette is a series that Plascon has created as part of thier color forecast and predictions for 2012.  Pay close attention to these, because they could very well become the tones and shades of the future. The colors contained within this palette not only apply to the interior design trade; they are flexible.

Plascon color forecast 2012: Memory

plascon color inspiration design memory
This is the first palette is a series that Plascon has put together as thier color forecast and predictions for 2012. Bookmark these post because they could very well be the colors of tomorrow. These colors not only apply to the field of interior design, they are universal; any of the design faculties are open to interpret these hues in their own unique way.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Morning musings: Danela Conti and what we can expect for summer

I just happen to be watching Expresso this morning at a really ungodly hour, and just my luck because I happened to catch Danela Conti giving her opinion on the trends that she reckons will hot this summer.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Creativity and inspiration: Cafes and other creative haunts in Cape Town

We all know about the famous Café de Flore in Paris, that has played host to literary greats such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and Albert Camus. Yet being here in sunny South Africa means that we cannot sit on the corner of the Boulevard Saint-Germain and muse about life and her meanings, no we have to make do with the likes of the lovely Honest Chocolate Shop and the Yours Truly Cafe. Sigh, our life is so difficult... This is a collection of as many cafe's, coffee shops and convents in Cape Town that I could find to inspire you.

Creativity article: Earthy colors from Mandarin Moon

mandarinmoon color inspiration
I found this almost-life-changing image on mandarinmoon's Flickr page, check it out here I was so inspired by these colors that I created an accompanying, or a couple of  accompanying, color palettes...

Cape Town Fashion Week: An interview with Danielle Margaux

This officially kicks off the all-you-need-to-know-interviews for Cape Town Fashion Week. We start off with the a well-known brand in local fashion circles, Danielle Margaux. Here is exactly what you need to know about her, her brand, her expectations and her vices for Fashion Week. Remember to subscribe and you can visit Danielle Margaux's website here -

Creative and inspirational interview: Imagenius

I was browsing around one or other site and stumbled across this really great company. What first attracted me to them was thier website, but after this quick interview I have learned that there is definitely more to this brand. They are lively, inspired and proudly South African. Here is a little bit more about them and their groovy little shop in Cape Town.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Creativity week in Cape Town

creativity weekThis week, it started on the 9th of this month, marks the start of the much anticipated Creative Week, here in sunny Cape Town. This stellar idea is being used to show the world exactly what Cape Town can do in terms of design, music, film, theatre, business, innovation, digital media, fine arts and crafts.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Creativity and inspiration: Caffeinated inspiration

coffee inspiration
Coffee is almost always on people's guilty pleasure list. It is the first thing people embrace in the morning, it comes in innumerable blends from a thousand different places across the globe, but above all it is just so damn good. Here is the a-list of coffee logos, showcases and all things caffeinated...